konferencja mikropigmentacja męska mikrohair



First in Poland and in the world conference on male micropigmentation is already behind us. The conference was entirely dedicated to male micropigmentation procedures: scalp micropigmentation, facial hair micropigmentation, eyelids, eyebrows, mouth pigmentation and scars’ camouflage after hair transplant surgeries.

The conference gathered practitioners who had been dealing with male micropigmentation for years as well as individuals starting work in that specialized area. At the conference, we tried to comprehensively look at the problem of micropigmentation. In-depth understanding of the male micropigmentation problems was enabled thanks to: 

  • psychologist,
  • trichologist,
  • alopecia areata specialist
  • practitioners performing the procedure.

The biggest impression was made by accounts of people who affected the problem of baldness personally. The great advantage of the conference was also the opportunity to see how the best on the market perform treatments and occasion to find out what are the proffesion frameworks in other countries. A comprehensive way of discussing male miropigmentation covered the topics of: 

  • skin needling, 
  • work with scars,
  • combination of Skin Needling and scar camouflage,
  • removing unsuccessful micropigmentation using laser treatments.

The conference was a meeting place for people with passion. Thanks to such meetings micropigmentation is becoming more and more perfect, as well as our understanding of the problems of people affected by hair loss. We thank all of you who trusted us and devoted personal time and energy to attend the conference. We hope to see you again in 2020!

Agenda of the previous conference

CONFERENCE DATE: November 21-23, 2020

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