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About us

The World of Micropigmentation is a series of conferences organized for the micropigmentation industry and distinguished by a practical approach to the subject. If you want to develop in the field of micropigmentation, then this conference is for you. Our goal is that all participants of the conference acquire extended practical knowledge and skills. This "PRACTICALITY" instead of self-promotion is what distinguishes us. The selection of speakers and topics has been adapted to the expected and identified needs of conference participants. The 1 st conference was held in November 2019 and with the title "Man’s World" we  dedicated it to the subject of male micropigmentation.

The male micropigmentation market is growing extremely dynamically both in Poland and around the world. We have been observing this trend for many years and we want to prepare you for a new giant market of potential clients. That’s why in the second edition of the conference we will deepen this topic focusing on difficult medical cases. Hence the name of this year`s conference - Medical Aspects of Man`s World.

The conference is organized by our Team. A group of fantastic, organized professionals who devote themselves to their work with passion and commitment. As in the previous year, also in 2020 we will try to go to the heights of our capabilities and meet your expectations. It will be substantive, with practical and medical approach. It will be developing and motivating. It will be enriching all of us.

You`re welcome!
Agnieszka Zapała`s Micropigmentation Center Team
CONFERENCE DATE: spring 2020
Tickets sale soon!

Meanwhile, we would like to introduce our team to those who do not know us yet:

Agnieszka Zapała Mikropigmentacja Skóry Głowy

Agnieszka Zapała

The international award-winning trainer, owner of the Mikro Hair clinic, as one of the first in the world she has developed an advanced method of precise micropigmentation of the scalp using acupuncture needles; precursor of areola micropigmentation
Dariusz Kasprzyk ekspert marketingu

Dariusz Kasprzyk

Marketing expert, 20 years in the industry. He has successfully launched numerous products and brands onto the market, including Natural Permanent, Mikro Hair. He specializes in brands’ creating and positioning as well as internet marketing tools.
Wojciech Gajda trener mikropigmentacji skóry głowy

Wojciech Gajda

Extremely experienced trainer and linergist in the field of male micropigmentation. He is specialized in scalp and stubble beard micropigmentation as well as in scars’ camouflage pigmentation.
Aneta Czerwonka

Aneta Czerwonka

Experienced Sales Expert. An outstanding specialist in the field of "difficult customer" service.
Katarzyna Stefanska

Katarzyna Stefańska

Experienced trainer and linergist in the field of permanent makeup. She also specializes in the field of Skin Needling treatments and training.
Sandra Głowacka mikropigmentacja, makijaż permanentny

Sandra Głowacka

Trainer and linergist in the field of male aesthetic micropigmentation of eyebrows, eyelids and lips.
Zbigniew Głodowski Mikropigmentacja Skóry Głowy

Zbigniew Głodowski

Professional barber and linergist. Specializes in scalp micropigmentation and beard styling.
Monika Szymczak

Monika Szymczak

Specialist in online sales, customer communication and service
Sylwia Strojek

Sylwia Strojek

Trainer, specialist in EU subsidies, sales support and training courses’ organization
Dorota Safiańska

Dorota Safiańska

Customer service specialist
Katarzyna Kępińska

Katarzyna Kępińska

Customer service specialist