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About us

The World of Micropigmentation is a series of conferences organized for the micropigmentation industry and distinguished by a practical approach to the subject. If you want to develop in the field of micropigmentation, then this conference is for you. Our goal is that all participants of the conference acquire extended practical knowledge and skills. This "PRACTICALITY" instead of self-promotion is what distinguishes us. The selection of speakers and topics has been adapted to the expected and identified needs of conference participants. This year, the leading theme of the conference is the world of male micropigmentation.

Agnieszka Zapała Mikropigmentacja Skóry Głowy

Agnieszka Zapała

The international award-winning trainer, owner of the Mikro Hair clinic, as one of the first in the world she has developed an advanced method of precise micropigmentation of the scalp using acupuncture needles; precursor of areola micropigmentation
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Craig Bottomley-High

Craig Bottomley-High aka MR SCALP is the owner of Scalpmicro uk, the international winning clinic and is one of the UK’s most renowned top practitioners, winning the UK best technician gold award 2019
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Damien Porter

Entrepreneur and business consultant. The owner of TeamMicro.com - a platform bringing together the largest SMP community in the world. Damien, also known as Scalp Guru, has been strongly involved in the scalp micropigmentation business since 2008
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Ollie Hughes

With a wealth of Harley Street experience, Ollie Hughes has become renowned as the most experienced practitioner currently operating in London. One of the innovators of the natural hairline